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Precision Laser & Multi-Axis Water Jet Cutting, CNC Machining, Forming

United Laser Services utilizes the latest in Fiber Laser technology from Amada and a Multi-Axis Mach 200 Waterjet from FLOW systems and Multi Axis CNC Machining with in house HAAS CNCs. We also have CNC Press brake and turret punch capabilities in house.

United Laser Services is more than just a flat laser cutting operation. We run several, high volume flat bed lasers to meet the demands of large scale projects for massive construction jobs, but we can also run a small batch of parts for your fab shop or art project. We also run a multi axis water jet capable of slicing material up to 8″ thick and cutting bevels for complex parts like gears. Along side our series of in house HAAS CNC Machines we can cut, mill, form, weld a finished product no matter the scale or volume. United Laser is your one stop shop for all your metalworking needs. 

United Laser is a one stop shop for all your metal cutting, machining, milling, forming, welding, and turnkey fabrication needs. We offer high volume cnc part bending in our Amada EG6013 and can handle larger, thicker bends in our 30 ton Cincinati press brake. With decades of experience, the best equipment and a team that is dedicated to producing the best quality available anywhere, United Laser gets the job done!

We can also take all of our cutting and bending to the next level with an in house 45 station 30 ton Vipros 357 Turret Punch.

Fiber Laser Cutting – Precision & Speed

AMADa eg6013

CNC bending

Amada EG6013 CNC Press Brake

AMADA Vipros 357 

punching &forming

Amada EG6013 CNC Press Brake


CNC Machining

Amada EG6013 CNC Press Brake

Certified Welding

United Laser Services also offers turnkey welding operations and has certified welders available for TIG, MIG, ARC and can also weld studs and sheet metal. We can weld steel, 4130, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanium and other exotic alloys. 

Fabrication Services

We have a full machine shop and offer turn key fabrication and manufacturing services. We have fixture tables, cnc tube beners, a full machine shop and a CNC mill center. We also offer CAD Design service and engineering support to help you figure out the best way to manufacture your product and bring it to market. We can be your contract manufacturer and deliver boxed products ready for the shelf. 

Sheet Metal

We can do anything you need done with sheet metal. From basic shearing, bending and rolling to complex punching and forming of complex shapes like louvers we have the tooling and equipment to create anything you need. We can shear and bend up to 13 feet 1/4″ steel. 


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Why United?



Our top priority at United Laser Services is customer service. We do everything we can do to be upfront, honest and develop a working relationship with all of our clients. We understand that the nature of this business is as diverse as any other out there, and that the needs of our clients can change from day to day. We treat the small guy, the same way we treat the big guy, with respect, honesty and loyalty. We’re here to help you get the job done on time and on budget. 


We have an in house team with CAD and Solidworks expertise to help you create and refine your parts or product. 

Fast Turn around

We run two lasers and a water jet and have 24 hour a day capabilities. We understand that you need your parts asap and we do everything we can to accommodate rush orders. 

local shipping

We have our own delivery truck and can make local deliveries for a fraction of the cost of any freight service. Of course, you can bring your own rig and we can load you up and send you on your way. 

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Mike and the team over at United Laser Services have gone above and beyond to help my small business.  We were having supply chain issues manufacturing some of our parts. Sitting down with the design team and going over details working out a plan to move the entire process under one roof solved every single issue we had been having and reduced our overall cost by nearly ten percent. I let them worry, so I don’t have to! Great job United Laser, you guys have breathed new life into my business and I can’t thank you enough. 

Jakob Filips

The fastest and best in the business. The United Laser guys were able to turn around a rush job that was holding up a large project for us. I called Todd in the morning to explain my situation and within an hour I had confirmation that our parts would be cut and boxed by end of day! These guys saved us thousands of dollars in lost time and potential back charges. I don’t know where else you can get a bunch of inch thick stainless cut in the same day, and I certainly don’t expect that to be the case every time but the bottom line is they cared and understood my situation and did what it took to get us dialed in. Life savers!

Martin Smith

Mike and Brad do all the laser cutting for our company. We manufacture suspension components for race cars using chromoly and everything has to be perfect. We used to order just what we needed for a given project. After a sit down with the guys, we were shown how we can save a significant amount of money “nesting” our parts and buying a full sheet and running the parts to have in stock. It also allowed us to have the pieces we needed in stock for future orders and reduced our lead time. Sure, it cost a bit more up front but offered a significant saving vs doing it one set at a time from a competitor. 

Robinson Clarck

multi axis waterjet

Flow – Mach 200


Precision cut materials up to 8" thick


60,000 psi will cut hardened steel


PIVOT + Multi Axis Cutting Head for cutting bevels

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